Starter Kit



This kit provides all the essentials for an introduction to wrapping and pleating by pole wrapping techniques.

It has been put together especially for those who want an easy introduction to the techniques of Arashi Shibori and other forms of pole wrapping, and includes the following:

  • A 110mm diameter Polypropylene Pipe, approx 50cm long, which has been selected for its durability when steamed repeatedly and compressed with the wrapping process.
  • Wrapping thread, specially chosen for its qualities of low twist, strength and weight. This is sufficient to wrap several pieces of work on pipes, and is reusable.
  • A comprehensive instruction guide to Arashi Shibori and Pole wrapping, to lead you through the process. This includes an extensive bibliography for further reading, and UK suppliers' details for those who wish to expand their Arashi Shibori work.
  • A length of lightweight Habotai silk, of the right dimensions to suit the technique, for your first use of the kit. (45cm x 1.5m)
  • A ready-hemmed long lightweight Habotai silk scarf for making a finished piece.
  • A small piece of glass paper for preparing your pipe for use, before wrapping.

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