Anne Selby specialises in the possibilities of  multi-layering of silk before pleating using Arashi Shibori techniques. Multi-layering allows for warmth and a gentle weight in each Anne Selby product, and a visual impact that is reminiscent of many natural forms as the layers move with the wearer.

The FIBONACCI COLLECTION  comprises work that has a central core, around which up to 12 layers of silk create cascading feathery pleats. They are elegant and feminine, and able to transform a simple outfit into a sophisticated one.

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The CONCERTINA COLLECTION is constructed in such a way as to allow the pieces to expand and contract with the wearer. These take on the shape of the body as they are draped, and can be opened up to reveal dramatic patterns of colour. There can be as many as 10 layers of silk and silk organza, pleated together to provide structure and drama.

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The CONCERTINA RUFFLE COLLECTION also expands and contracts when worn. However, it is made of organza silks, and edged to create a dramatic floral effect.

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