Short Pipe - 49cm long 160mm external diameter (click here for further Information)

SKU: Short Pipe 160mm

We have sourced a specialist Polypropylene pipe, which we chose after extensive research because of its durability at high temperatures. Unlike ordinary gutter pipe, made of PVC, which will buckle within minutes when compressed with string and steamed (and is then unusable), polypropylene, of an appropriate wall thickness, will last for many years without deterioration. We have selected a weight of pipe that is both robust yet not too heavy to lift; these are specially imported from continental Europe and are normally only available in 5 metre lengths and at high cost.  The ends of the pipe are smoothed by hand so even the finest silk will not catch and damage.

This 49cm, 160mm diameter pipe is ideal for hand wrapping, and can accomodate up to 5 metres of material. Being broader than the 110mm size, it is well suited to double wrapping.

Price: £39.00